Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Burden of Proof

I have an apple in my hand.

Now, do I really have an apple in my hand? You can't know for sure until I show you my hand holding an apple, right? You might take my word for it, but that's only because it really doesn't impact you very much. But you sure wouldn't be willing to bet your life on it until I showed you an apple inside my hand.

Now what if I told you this apple was in fact Omniscient and outside the bounds of time and space?
Would you take my word for it?


  1. I would follow you to the end of time for the apple.

  2. You gods that made me man, and sway in love.

  3. I would pray for the apple to save my soul, obviously. And give you all my money. And my childrens future. :D

  4. its an interesting point, but you have to factor in all the unknown.

    then your apple could very well be a cherry, or a 57 chevy

    would you follow my 57 chevy?

  5. Omniscient and outside the bounds of time and space..
    That's one cool apple you got there.

  6. I don't like your choice of rhetoric here.

    If I wouldn't take your word on having an apple in your hand, why would I take your word on an even less believable apple being there?

    Why do you even ask the question? It seems like you used a straw man argument here.

  7. religion is so medieval we advanced and so should those dumb fuck's brains, stop brain washing their dumb kids.