Saturday, November 6, 2010

Carl Sagan Day

While I was hoping for a more introductory first day, I of course could not pass up the opportunity to celebrate the day honoring perhaps modern time's most influential atheist astronomers: the great Carl Sagan.
Astronomer, Atheist, Author, and Professor, Carl Sagan is the man behind such discoveries that we now take for granted as the surface temperature of Venus, the idea that the moon Titan may have liquid water, and the notion that every heave element in existence was formed through the extreme heat and pressure present in a supernova.
Or, as he put it, "We are made of Star Stuff". Nothing short of inspirational, if you ask me.
But perhaps his greatest achievement was not discovering something new, but instead hosting a television show in which he allowed the everyman to access his discoveries. I am speaking of course about the show "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" as well as the book by the same name.
Today I will celebrate by perusing my worn edition of "The Demon Haunted World". Should you wish to celebrate in a similar fashion, a complete list of his works can be found here

So to summarize, let us not forget a man and an atheist who has brought so much essential new information to the fields of cosmology and astronomy and who has also made that information understandable to the general public.


  1. I really have never read about him or seen any of his shows. I just know he is big in physics.

    Im a star, cool. :D

  2. cool blog. but get rid of the word verification for posting comments.

  3. love the blog dude, keep up the good work, I love the work of Carl Sagan he was a genius