Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Burning (not by me)

I realize I promised new content yesterday, but you see the Muses were not upon me. I feel that most of my blogs should come from a source of inspiration, rather than a point of school essay- style forcing out of my tired head.
Today I have found inspiration.
The picture you see above may look harmless at first glance. It is simply three books being burnt side-by-side on a porch banister. Next to a dog bowl.
But how would you react to find out that two of these books are the two best selling books in history? That's right, one is the Bible and one is the Koran.
Now don't immediately be shocked or offended. It is for a noble cause. Besides, the third book is "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.
But the Ultimate purpose of this demonstration was to expose the extreme intolerance of the religious. Fundamentalists from both religions will instantly find themselves willing to resort to violence to defend their personal collection of words. Atheists, meanwhile, are much more likely to consider the implications that such an action would mean.
The ultimate point is that this action must be viewed rationally. Every one of these books is nothing more than a specific arrangement of ink and paper, nothing more. To be offended at the destruction of an arrangement of paper is irrational. Nothing can be made sacred if we are to move forward in life.


  1. Man, these new ads you're running are blocking access to the site for me.

    That said, people would be offended at a potato being burned if they had that level of belief in it.

  2. lol nice one with the potato MVEAlpha xD eventhough its just ink and paper its the words that people are afraid your gona burn
    its still a difference to most people if you burn a painting from Leonardo da Vinci or a skech of mine :P
    Its what the book represents not the actuall paper and ink :P
    Same goes for flags

  3. I'm not advocating burning religious items but, I believe this guy is well within his legal rights no matter how poor the judgment and disrespectful the act. In my opinion, none of this should be happening at all.

  4. People are irrational creatures.

    Also have to agree about the ads, holy shit

  5. People are mad!

    But for some reason I can see why they get so mad, its a huge piece of their life.

  6. you got every right to burn both! great blog.

  7. I agree with Brandon, people are so irrational.

  8. I have a problem with burning books in general, at least when someone burns them en masse and in an organised manner. Thats just barbarism. But hey, if you own them, knock yourself out ;)

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