Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fundie Atheists

Here is a point that simply cannot be stressed enough: There is no Such thing as a Fundamental Atheist. Not even Dawkins and Hitchens fit the colloquialism of "Fundie" in a world filled with religious suicide bombers and homicidal maniacs.

Just last week, a man on trial for the murder of several people claimed that his sins would be forgiven because he had "accepted Jesus into his heart." It's still baffling how these people can claim with a straight face that Atheists are without morals.

This past week, in the state of South Dakota, a law has been passing through the state legislature which would make it legal to murder abortion-giving doctors. You can bet your bottom dollar that no atheist would ever legalize homicide under those circumstances.

No wars were ever fought in the name of atheism, atheism was never used to subject the populace, and it was certainly never used to justify unspeakable acts of inhumanity including torture, genocide, and child molestation.


  1. i saw that about south dakota in a somethingawful thread, its getting ridiculous in this country.

    maybe fundamental atheist would be an atheist that would still profess the non existence of a god or gods but some type of scientific proof backed it

  2. and this is way i follow your blog!!
    im not atheist..but more like an agnostic-atheist

  3. i would say i am agnostic with few Christian morals. being raised in a Christian family that is. but i dont see myself as religious at all and find it quite annoying when people hassle me for it.

  4. @JWtechparts

    I dont think being agnostic and having morals mean they are Christian. I think its society / your surroundings that give you these morals. they are yours that you happen to share.

    BUT the bible includes rape, incest and murder in the name of god, which I assume you dont agree with.

    so like I said, not christian morals, yours.

    anyway, nice post !

  5. seems like atheism is becoming a religion itself imo

  6. religions? athiest? man has a tendency to be evil. Its convenient that they don't show any religious video makers or any atheist murderers...i am not partial to either side but Im more inclined to believe an atheist made this video to prove his/her point. In the end I just don't trust man. Men are without morality.

  7. @JWtechparts

    my words exactly!

  8. i hear that ignorance is a good liar. it's called be a morally acceptable person (or just avoid everyone), whether you believe in a higher power or not!

  9. Abortion is a very sensitive subject, but fixing a death with another death...

  10. This kind of news seem so surreal to me... How can be laws be written based on religious concepts? It's crazy.
    Nice work with your blog!

  11. Hell yeah atheism, religion is so corrupt.